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Aug 10

We made it

Pulling in to Port Hawkesbury, Chevy’s friend Dan met us on the dock with a couple of delightful treats including a lovely dozen of fresh farmed eggs for us. So after a long journey we enjoyed a few drinks to shake out the sketchy memories of that leg of the trip.

7am Thursday, we depart Port Hawkesbury, and head up the coast of Cape Breton towards Cheticamp. Good conditions running up the coast and beautiful sunny skies showing off its green rolling hills and steep cliffs. Comparatively speaking, the coast of Cape Breton was much nicer than the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. Could’ve had something to do with the fog on the first part, but oh well.

Only one boat was passed on the way up, so not much traffic other than a giant pod of seals we ran into. We ended up right in the middle of a pod of about 200 seals feeding off the abundant cod I guess. It was incredible, they’d pop out of the water, check us out, giving us a look of displeasure to indicate we were interrupting their feeding, then dive under and slap their tails loudly. Some of the seals had to be several hundred pounds. We ended up hanging out long enough to take it all in, and marvel at the amount of marine life in this area. Meanwhile we find out later, they’re probably poking their heads out of the water to look for a rifle targeted at them since that’s what the fishermen do out here. Everyone seems to find them as pests that should be controlled so there’s more fish for fishermen. And then the conversations all come back to the Paul McCartney baby seal campaign from years ago.

So we make Cheticamp that evening, and pull up on a wharf all to ourselves. Couple of shots of Sambuca to warm us up, then off to play pool at the town bar. Few shots and pitchers later, we’re still owning the table and winning drinks off the locals. Time to call it a night before our livers quit, so we head home late with an early morning in store. 7am, captain and first mate find ourselves waking up staring at each other from 3 feet away from each other. Legs intertwined, scratching our heads for a minute before saying anything, wondering how we ended up cramming ourselves into the same tiny bed that had even less room from the back cushions and laptop bag. It was ridiculous, I mean it can be tight on a boat at times, but that was just completely unnecessary. So we shut off the radio and lamp that we had left on, purged the excesses from the night before, and off we go. Oh and where’s Boydy? Wasn’t to be seen until he left the v-berth at noon, to find himself half way to Iles de la Madeleine. Must be nice to have that much time to recover.

One other boat was seen that trip, until we arrived in the beautiful islands. Just gorgeous sand dunes and beaches. Very incredible sights out here. We got in Friday afternoon and Boydy’s girlfriend Isabelle met us at the wharf and took us up for some out of this world delicious tapas. Poutine with blue cheese, scallops, and seal sausage were just a few of the delights we enjoyed. Back to the boat for a quick dip in the bay in the warm water. Then off Boydy and Isabelle go, to see her family, so Chevy and I find ourselves having a romantic evening watching the sunset over some Mojitos, followed up by some beautiful crepes with Nutella and Strawberries to top off the night in case we didn’t have enough to eat by then. We quickly realized that we had to budget our metabolisms so we could maximize the amount of food ingested since everything here is so incredibly fresh and tasty. Just trying to figure out how much Bocce is required to burn off all these calories.

Early night Friday, anchored in the bay away from the wharf since its busy with Acadian week here and a huge sand castle building contest just over the dune from us. Dozens and dozens of campers have come out for this event, some say 10,000 people show up for it, hard to say but the tiny street in town here is bumper to bumper with tourists.

Saturday, off to the beach with Isa’s family. Hard not to find a beautiful beach anywhere here, that’s all there is. After that beach, we head back to the boat, and visit the sand castle contest. Saturday night, live music at the bar, running into some guys we played pool with back in Cheticamp. Turns out they have been up drinking the entire time since Cheticamp. Chevy and I become worried, this could be trouble. So we head back and have a lovely prosciutto sandwich with cheese curds and fall asleep instantly. This time, we sleep in separate beds.

Sunday, another beautiful beach, great for Bocce where Chevy and I show the locals how it’s done. Super high sand dunes and nice water with the softest sand and no rocks anywhere. Isa’s family teaches us more French as we enjoy another incredible beach snack spread provided by Chef Boydy. Pate, local cheese, lobster, mackeral, tomato and cucumber all served on the softest bread. Then lobster sandwiches and poutine for dinner, and back to the boat awaiting Kim’s arrival 7am this morning.

Monday now, the plan is to move the boat from the wharf here in Havre Aubert over to Cap aux Meules and take Isa’s family for a trip since they’ve been such great company. There’s about 10-12 of them coming so it should be a good ride for the short hour and a half it takes. Kim’s here now too, and of course we take her to the bakery first thing to show her what she’s in for regarding the food they have. Which includes Beignets or Tortierre(?) -deep fried donut like bread roll with either homemade Molasses or Caramel. How can you get enough of this stuff??? I keep making the mistake of getting home fries with my breakfasts which is just unnecessary filler, taking away room for more important items. Not that the potatoes are bad, there’s just an important ranking system needed to maximize enjoyment based on limited (mostly full) stomachs. The thing is I think Chevy has been planning for this trip for a long time and has a head start on me in terms of having more room for food in his mid section. I have to say with the food here, I might be a tad jealous.

Anyways, I think that’s enough for now. Definitely wish Faye and Brooke could be with us out here, I miss them like crazy, hoping that we can come back another time somehow.

Aug 10

Fog with clear patch

Day 1: Packed and off we go leaving Chester Basin at 1:30pm Tuesday August 10, 2010.
Beautiful conditions in Mahone Bay, things looked great. A few sailboats coming in for Chester’s Raceweek. 4pm hits, I take the wheel, Chevy has a nap as we have a long night ahead of us planning on running through it up to Canso.
4:30 Boyd and I hit a wall of fog that wouldn’t lift until the next day.  They called for fog patches, but as Chevy put it, they should’ve called for clear patches. I think we found one at around 1am while Boydy was driving. We were able to use a star in the sky to help keep on course for about an hour there. Before and after that, we just had to feel the waves and try to keep us straight. Autopilot wouldn’t work with a following sea that was pushing us around from the South. We all had a lovely workout spinning the wheel vigorously to fight the swells.

Couldn’t wait for daylight, counting down the minutes until we could see more than 10 feet in front of us. We had the gps and radar on, so nothing to worry about…  Maybe that’s why Chevy decided to worry about running out power. He thought it was too easy heading out into the fog all night long with two rookies. Maybe I’m exaggerating. In the end, we made it
So we showed up in Chedabucto Bay around 9am and it was finally nearly flat calm. Pulled into Port Hawkesbury at around 5pm after a straight 27 hours out at sea. Had some lovely drinks, dinner, and watched a beautiful sunset. So nice, I only got off the boat to tie it up. None of us felt the need to waste time with showers either. Dedicated.

Through the lock at canso, out off the coast of cape breton now. Looking good, though the seas are a bit rocky pushing into us, but the forecast looks good.


Aug 10

Guess who’s back…..

Chevy: So, we decided to tread lightly, this year with the Enterainer’s Wake. We started with issues of the personal type all around. So we left.

Mahone Bay, simple.

Bye bye race week….

Boyd’s schedule was moved up, so we decided to do an easy 29 hours from Mahone Bay to Port Hawkesbury. Luckily we only encountered fog for 17 hrs, combined with a confusing sea, and the sea vapour also helped to confuse our minds.

We were lucky to see the front of the boat, and often times steered in circles admiring ourselves….mostly Boyd.

Better decisions left aside, we covered hundreds of miles, in the worst conditions. With the best of friends.

And of course,  the last ten miles were absolutely beautiful as Boydy said felt like “Didn’t matter if it took 2mins or 2 secs, smashing your balls in the drawer for the first time is inevitable. Death or life can last two seconds, unravell your bag skin, like the swells in the ocean, your balls..
And Chevy says ……”


Btw….we’re not overcoming yet.

Worst night ever
Slept in my life jacket

Editor’s first revsion…

Aug 09

Thank you

  1. What a country we live in. Seeing it from the water while retracing the discoverers footsteps brings home the courage and the spirit of adventure it took to discover new lands….we did it with radar and GPS….they did it with a thirst to know.  The contrast between travelling thru the heart of Southern Ontario via the Trent Severn and the heart of Quebec via the St Laurence has helped me to reconnect with our two great cultures, we were treated with open arms all the way. Visiting the birthplace of my grandmother in Gaspe was especially emotional for me.
  2. A trip like this is never done alone. I must thank all the wonderful friends and family who helped crew the boat: Ann/Alex/Christine/Ray/Dennis/Jay/Fay/Tim/Blair/Dave….what a team!!!!! It was very encouraging to know that we were being followed on the blog. All the comments and good wishes were needed. I also want to thank the welcoming committee as we arrived in the Chester area….Dave and I were overwhelmed by seeing you all……
  3. Columbus needed someone to make his trips happen and so did we. I want to thank Dave for not only financing this adventure, but for often having the heart of a lion when I just plain wanted to quit.
  4. The Entertainer has her new home now after 11 years at Boyle Marine. She misses her Ontario family already but hopes that they will visit her new home in Chester Basin. We don’t have the Anchor Inn to dance at but dancing/music and song are still in her blood.
  5. Stay tuned to the blog, we are continuing the adventures of the Entertainer and  adding the life and times of Grand Cru. She is being refit in the Virgin Islands and we are getting to know her over the next 18 months or so….then planning to take her around the world……In the words of Achmed the dead terrorist….”holy crap”

With Love


Aug 09

This is the end…….

Mon Aug 10

Port Hawkesbury was a good rest for our weary old seadog of a captain.  Today was ugly weather so we called my friend Dan, a local Cape Bretoner, and he came down and we did a cruise up Lennox passage and into the Bras D’or lakes.  It took us about 10 miles further away for our start the next day but the protected waters offered a nice trip even in rough weather.  We enjoyed a nice Haddock supper with Dan and Denise and Shamus (their 7 month old, 80 lb puppy..he ate a chair…now we have 3).  Dan brought “god” aboard and we blessed the boat with some local smoke ceremonies for the last leg of the trip.

Tuesday Aug 11

Homeward bound.  The winds have subsided and the weather window is open for the rest of the week.  We set off into the remnants of a 2m sea that had built over the last few days.  This coastline is definitely rugged with many offshore rocks and shoals, so navigation is constant.  We are plotting backup routes on the charts because of you loose GPS here you cannot easily find safe harbour in this melee of rocks.  We did 65 miles to Liscomb Harbour and pulled in to another beautiful sunset in our anchorage.  Not another boat in sight, one fishing boat came by to say hello.  Dad felt a swim was in order and said that he and Dennis had gone every night on the last leg.  (In the Northumberland Straight…this is the North Atlantic now).  I had a laugh as he jumped into what he called “the coldest water of his life except for when we cut a hole in the ice at camp”… sauna here though. We had a nice supper of ‘whatever was left’ and got a good night’s sleep.

Wed Aug 12

We left early on calm seas(1m or less which is as flat as she gets) and headed for Halifax.  With a few whales and many porpoises and seals watching over us we made good time all day.  Passed many places I have been on the mainland so it was nice to tie a seaview perspective to them.  We arrived off Halifax Harbour at about 4:30pm and decided since it was flat calm to pass the city and stay at Sambro Harbour, a better jump off spot for our final day tomorrow.  It is also quieter than Hali and much less industrial.  It is very hard for me to make the decision to stop as we have perfect conditions and home is only 5 hrs away.  But we have a welcoming party planning to come tomorrow and join us for the cruise in.  My restlessness was allayed by the perfect night and anchorage we had behind alittle island surrounded by the quaint little community of Sambro.

Thursday Aug 13

Another perfect day.  If you know this area of the ocean you know that this many flat days in a row are rare and we believe that our late friend Peter Hawkes was able to make this journey with us, in spirit.  We miss you “Lenny”.Thanks for the help with the weather.  We have only about 3 hrs to East Ironbound, the outermost island on our route in.  It is hard to see our destination and not get there any faster at first, I want more speed.  7.5 knots it seems is OK for 1550 miles but not the last 20.   As we pass Ironbound I look back to sea and start to think of what we just did.  Speed is no longer on my mind and I actually want to go slower now.  Dad and I embrace and cry and then sit completey silent for the next half hour.  What a father I have!  In a way it was fitting to end it just the 2 of us on this leg.  We will forever laugh at  what my words a year ago got us into and the experience we gained together.  ” No problem, we’ll just drive her out there.” 1600 miles later that sentence carries  alot more weight……….  The experience of a lifetime.

So now the nostalgia and the feelings are overwhelming, but don’t worry we are not going to cry our way home the last 12 miles.  The VHF begins to crackle…Entertainer this is Okeanas..over, this is Need for Speed, this is Liza and so on.  Next thing we see, as we pass between the Tancook Islands is a small fleet of friends ready to bring us home.  It is a little past 10am and we start drinking….convoy style.  We also get a call from friends at Round Island, one of our normal stomping grounds, and adjust course  and pick up a mooring ball and raft up 5 or 6 boats for a welcome brunch.  I ate rum.  Paul and Laura are onboard so they did not miss being part of the journey.  Kim is here too and she is being a good first mate.  I remember hearing Dennis say to Kim “Sure I’ll have a rum now” after he tied up his sailboat and had a cold beer with me on the flybridge.  “There’s none left”, she replied from down below.  Dennis and I looked at eachother knowing that just 5 mins ago he had brought us a new bottle onboard.  Welcome my son….welcome to the machine.  Over the next 8 hrs we made 2 liqour store runs(thank god Chad’s boat does 75miles and hour) and partied with; Jay, Fay, Gary, Jane and Brooke,Chris, Dorian, Sally and Mia,Adam, Chad, Andrea, Gary and Joanne, Paul and Laura, Blaire, Dennis, Kim and John and others.  It was quite the homecoming…great food(thanks Gary & others) and good times.

We left at 10 pm to make the last 4.6 miles home.  We arrived in the dark and moored her in her new home.Dead sober?

Fri Aug 14

We cannot end the journey without welcoming Louise on board.  She had put a bottle of Mike’s champagne on board for when we ‘reached’.  Probably a good bottle if it was Mike’s.  She flew in that evening and joined Kim and I, Paul and Laura, Rick and John and Victoria for appetizers and G&T’s on board and of course champagne.  We could not have done the journey without the support of our wonderful women.  “See you in a few weeks” we said as they watched children and did lawns and gardens and missed us constantly (of course).  Thank you all for your sacrifices too.

Sat Aug 15

The weather is spectacular, possibly nicest day of the summer.  Good boating day!  So we head out again and watch the hundreds and hundreds of boats out for Raceweek. After seeing so few for so long it is pleasant to be among so many sea farers again.  We cruise over to Young  Island and run into to many boating friends who are out for the weekend.  Had a great snorkel, saw plenty of “bugs” and everyone went swimming and spent part of the day on the beach.  Reminded us of why we love this area so much.  New boat, plenty of visitors.  At one point I counted 15 people on the back deck alone.  Ran out of everything, and I mean everything, even Ray’s Sambuca.  We had a great day and fine supper onboard again and finished with a fiery red sunset cruise home.  The Entertainer has “reached” and so begins a new Decade of her story…….

Gotta go. Have this thing called a”wedding” next week. Uh, I mean this week…..see ya……………….Dave

Aug 09

Dennis (#2) Faye and Tim

Hi everyone.  Dennis aboard again.

Last week after a wedding in New Brunswick Dave asked if I would return to the boat and help Rick get it into cape breton.  I gladly excepted and on monday I was aboard the entertainer again.  Shortly after Jay (scum) dropped off Faye and than Lindsay showed up with Tim.  A quick trip over to the fueling docks and a pump out we tied up at our slip and got a good night sleep for an early start.  Tuesday was a great day on the water, finally some sun.  We will see if Tim or Faye could get a photo of the confederation bridge with the entire thing being in the frame.  You could see it for miles before.  Charlottetown has a beautiful harbour and there was a lot of activity as we pulled in.  Tim was the only one of the four of us to have been to PEI before.  The marina was unexpectedly tight and getting into our slip was not an easy process but once in we took a quick walk through town, gathered up some groceries and a few refreshments and than back to the docks for some live music, drinks and dinner.  Day two on the water was a little more challenging.  I decided that going up above would be a good idea since I would have a better view of the fish pots all around us.  I definetly had a better view and since Rick and Tim were having a hard time picking them out I stuck with my decision but the seas made me question it.  I held on and did my best to direct Tim in the right direction.  Once back on the NS shore things calmed down and we made good time getting to with in a few miles of the canso causeway.  We pulled into a little bay heated up some seafood pasta that Dave had left for us, enjoyed a refreshing swim, played a few games of eucher than lights out for an early start.  The canso lock is much easier to pass compared to the st. lawrence and once on the other side we tied up to the gov’t dock in port hawksbury.   Rick organized a place to stay at the marina, Faye checked the internet for the bus schedule as this is the end of our little trip since we had to get back for a wedding.  (sorry Faye but I need to tell this story)  Tim and I decided that we would be much more comfortable taking a rental car home rather than the bus and Dave and who ever came back up to finish the trip could return the car.  Faye decided that waiting for the rental company to get a car could be a little risky so she headed off to the bus station and got on the 10:30 bus.  It was a very hot day so we had a swim and a couple cold drinks and cleaned the boat.  It was only 25 minutes after Faye left that we got the call to pick up the rental car.  Tim and I left about an hour and half later and pulled into Truro, got something to eat and headed to the bus station to get Faye off her bus.  We pulled in at the same time as the bus and the three of us finished our trip to chester together. 

Again it was a great trip and I am very thankful for both invitations to be aboard.  With any luck I will be able to sail out on my own boat and escort the entertainer into its new home.  Anybody interested, I think they will be coming in thursday during the opening day of race week. 

Good luck on your last leg

Aug 09

3 Provinces, 3 Days

Sorry folks, I am updating a Whole Week in this one session.  After a lovely wedding we returned to the boat Monday Aug 3 with the new crew.  Dennis and Tim and Faye Joined Rick as they planned their 3 province leg.  Tuesday was a 70 mile run to Charlottetown PEI, from New Brunswick.  I will let the crew add their own tales later.  Wednesday was the crossing to NS and the boat passed the Wedding Site (2 weeks to go).  I hear it was a lovely anchorage in site of Cape Breton, and then on Thursday the boat was officially tied to NS soil in Port Hawkesbury.  Another wedding on Friday, took the crew away again and Ricky was left to recover in Cape Breton.  Our friends John and Kim were married on the beach and we had a great party back at their place on Bush Island in Cape Lahave.  I have just returned from camping on the Island and have to say, it is as beautiful a place as one can go and I can’t wait to bring the boat there and spend some time.  Had to leave everyone there today digging clams and snorkeling , cooking next to the fire and enjoying another hot and sunny day.  Tough life.  But the show must go on.  We have some big winds tomorrow (Monday), so I plan to do a little work at home and return in the a.m. to Cape Breton and use a weather window that seems promising on Tues to Thurs.  Mom arrives Friday so our timing may be perfect.  Then I will have one crazy week and see you all at the wedding.  I will update our progress this week…not many miles to go but some challenging ones.  Homeward bound……..dave

Aug 09

Northumberland Strait

Jul 31

We got lucky last night as the local boat next to us at the marina came in with a boat full of fresh mackerel.  Ricky used his French charm to garner us a lovely meal of fresh fish.  We BBQ’d the whole mackerel with onion and cloves of garlic, finished it with lime and had a great sunset on the back deck as the weather cleared.

This morning we left the Bay of Shippegan and on the way out the channel saw more Blue Heron’s in and hour than we had in the rest of our lives.  We are now in the Land of Sand.  We set a course for Shediac NB which will take us right by the NW coast of PEI.  Winds light and from the SW, and we are expecting a great summer day.   30 miles out the water is only 80 ft deep and beginning to warm up.  We are also seeing alot of pleasure boats now as this is more protected water.  We are doing 95 miles today and so far the weather has been perfect.  I guessed we would be 13 hours and arrive at 6pm, we arrived late at 6:01pm… close enough.

Great Marina at point du Chene, with a lively tourist seen and live music and good pubs.  5 min walk to Parlee Beach.  We arrived hungry and walked into the Friday night supper at the marina.  We put our pasta away and for $12 we ate a 3 course Greek supper including a lovely seafood chowder and moussaka and salad, bring our own wine too.  We were so full we had to take dessert back to the boat(and eat it at 2am after returning from the local watering holes where we saw some good live music).

Aug 1

Day off.  Slightly hungover, who puts bars this close to boats? it is hazardous.  Blair left early to hitch to Hali and on home.  Awesome time with Blair on the boat, a really easy guy to crew with.  We had lots of good times and good music and developed new friendships.  Happy sailing next week!  Admiral Dad and I are cleaning and taking the dinghy to town for reprovisioning.  This dighy runs awesome with my new motor on it .

After enough recovery time we sink our teeth into an oil, fuel and filters change.  My first time doing all this.  Everything went smooth and I learned alot already about my new baby.  After the 3 hours in the 180 degree engine room we finished and decided to go swim at the local beach.  We drove the dighy over and drifted down the sandbar which comes out about a mile from the beach.  Couple cold beer in the sun and a swim in the warmest waters north of the Carolinas.  Tough sub!

We got back to the boat and I went to the local fish market across the pier and treated the Admiral and myself to a Snow Crab and Lobster each for supper.  Took us 2 hours to harvest all the lovely meat from our critters and then we sat back and listened to the salsa band at the pub and started to plan our next big adventure which will be to take dads sailboat to Bahamas and  up the coast to NS and eventually onwards arond the world.  Got about 5 years ahead of ourselves, but you gotta dream right.  This trip was a dream once and we also discussed how we made this a reality.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Admiral/Captain/Engineer and most important driving force behind this trip.  It is the trip of a lifetime for him and it would never happen without him.  It was a nice night just the two of us.

Aug 2

Rick and the boat are staying here for a couple days.  I am getting picked up for a wedding Sunday in Fredricton.  Great 2 hour walk this morning and we cleaned the boat up….she sparkles again.  Anyway, awesome weather again and Dad can relax by himself for a couple days for the first time in a month or more.  We will be back Monday to deliver his new crew on the way back from the wedding,  Dennis is rejoining the journey and Tim Best is jumping on to help get it to Cape Breton.  They will update you on the PEI portion and onwards.  Happy sailing!

Jul 09

The Gaspe

Wed, July 29

We spent a quiet night in Gaspe and got up early to start out in the fog.  Only lasted about an hour and then we got a calm sunny morning for a cruise up the south shore of the Bay of Gaspe.  Saw lots of porpoises, 2 minke whales and most incredibly a shark feeding at the surface.  A big shark came right out of the water after some baitfish, we have no idea what kind, but it was amazing.  The scenery is changing here from the mountains to more sedimentary rocks along the coast.  Great pastels of reds and browns.  We stopped at Perce for a bit to check out a 300 foot rock formation coming out of the water, really cool.  The towns and villages here are really quaint, and always centered around huge churches, which look out of place in comparison to the size of the communities.  God sure has some nice real estate.  We entered the Bay de Chaleurs at noon, glass calm and we are catching some sun for the first time in a while.  We have been in foul weather gear the last 4 days and are happy to be wearing bathing suits again.   The conditions are so nice we are just using the autopilot and enjoying the cruise with a homemade shrimp curry soup and some ceasars.  We have run out of beer and bread and ice.  The crew thinks I am a slave driving captain, but there is still Rum on board so I can keep order yet.  We decided to anchor in a little fishing village called Newport for the night.  Really neat spot and a working port, fisherman welcomed us and were very nice.  Blair and I took on the “go use your shitty french and find some beer/ice/food” mission. After a 1.5 km walk we found a Depanneur that had everything we needed except ice, and you can’t feed your crew on just rum and water for 2 days in a row.  The nice lady allowed us to leave our purchases and directed us up the highway.  Combien de kilometres?  Elle ne sais pas.  After another 2 km we found  the ice place.  Now we just have to walk 3.5 km back and pick up our other stuff too.  Needless to say we were thirsty after our 7 k hilly walk so we are now out of rum too.  Got ice though.  Fished mackerel with the locals, they caught a ew but not much was running so we treated them to a little drum and guitar jam on the boat.  To top the night off, we enjoyed another delicious fish meal by Rick, with a good bottle of swill, to the backdrop of severe T-storms.  Best lightning show I have seen in years.  Great sleep in a quiet anchorage was idyllic.  But as usual we leave at 5am.

Thursday, July 30

We cross the Bay de Chaleurs and travel along the shore of Miscou Island towards Shippagan.  Easy day as we are only travelling 35 miles.  We need to resupply and I have business to do online. It started to pour when we got to the marina and has just stopped after 3 hours.  Boat is clean though.  Nice area, but navigation is key as there are alot of shallow banks and you must stay in the channel.  Expecting nice weather tomorrow and hope to be in Shediac by nightfall.  We have left Quebec behind but have a better appreciation of it’s beauty and character than before.  Maritimes here we come!

Jul 09

Qucick Notes

Griff, Auntie Ricky saw 101 Whales and he even named one after “Griffin the Minke Whale”. Hi Mike, we sure miss having a glass of wine with you too, I’m sure you don’t miss our swill though.
PS If my blogs are missing some F’s it is because the F’in F doesn’t work on the F’in keypad, some idiot spilled beer on it